King of Hearts is the theme for this version of my website based on love/passions. There are two things in this life that I have found people struggle to explain with a concise definition, Love & God. Nothing quite seems to hit the target, and sometimes it is just simply way off. So what if we tried to rediscover the meaning of love from a different lense? In this imaginary world, I would be King & all the things I love would be the hearts, king of hearts.


Experience is only the cumulation of one’s willingness to learn, certified by application and it’s consistency therein.” – Tawanda Allan Kamuzonde (2012)


Tawanda Kamuzonde Graduation

Tawanda Kamuzonde Graduation

The Individual:

I am an imagine-er born in Zimbabwe, Africa with a vivid imagination. I guess playing with bricks while pretending they are toy cars translates to something useful in life.

Technology & Digital Media (including social media) are my domains, or shall I say my kingdoms, since I am a King in this story.

I studied a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology specialising in Multimedia Technologies at Deakin University, which was a decision arrived at by searching the depths of my heart. With little surprise, completing the degree had as much fulfilment as the journey itself. Now my journey continues as I apply the acquired know-how to all my other passions.

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King of Hearts

The Passion:

Primarily in love with the World Wide Web and Software development in it’s many forms, my goal and vision is to produce solutions with a valuable meaning and that contribute to the greater human race in some way, shape or form. I shy away from the get rich quick strategies, that seem to produce products & service the user is supposed to buy into but don’t really serve them. I once read somewhere that a problem is never solved on the same level it was created, and I believe such solutions echo through time beyond their own era.

As I embark on projects that will communicate a message of a love, I hope the sum of the parts becomes greater than the whole. If the pen is mightier than the sword, then I hope every project I digitally & physically scribe conquers the battles for peoples hearts to see love from a different perspective.

To the King of Kings as He enables me to be the King of Hearts.

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