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ColorMeRad 5K Run: Photography

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Being a web developer first, working and understanding images is always an added bonus to your toolkit. When I was invited to the ColorMeRad 5K run to help with photography, I thought to myself I don’t have time. How am I going to fit this into the one thousand other things I wish to do. A persistent girlfriend got the best of me and I found myself picking up a camera bright and early on a Saturday morning to do the 11 hour drive from Melbourne to Geelong.

Tawanda at work

Tawanda at work

What won me over, other than my girlfriend, where 2 things. The first being attending the ColorMeRad event would be a great opportunity would be perfect for me to review it for my review website Secondly, it was also an opportunity to brush up on my photography skills. All the photography I know is self taught. I have never attended a class and neither did my multimedia degree cover photography. Other than watching online tutorial videos, I prefer getting out there and just doing it.

Half of what makes a website is the look and feel and that often means good images. A bad image no matter what layout will always take away from your design or make it tacky. You can start to see the need for me to continually want to improve on my photography skills as that can in turn contribute to web design. In fact, one of the reasons I started was so that I could use, explore and develop my web development skills beyond what my current job requires.

Then end result was a fun day out taking some stunning photos. The overcast day made the colour on the subjects just pop out more and it was stunning. The ColorMeRad event made me fall in love with photography like I have never before. I could start to understand how someone could do this as a full time profession. There is still a lot for me to learn in Photography.

I even got round to making an animated gif of a girl doing a cart wheel I captured that we shared on the JustMadeBetter Tumblr blog. Here is a link to the review I wrote for the ColorMeRad 5K run event and at the bottom of it is the image gallery I released with it. For more exclusive photos, follow JustMadeBetter on Instagram and scroll through the timeline. Enjoy!

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