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Release Date solution

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Release Date solution

At the time of writing, I stopped to take stock of how many years I have been working in the web world. 9 years ago, I got hired by a small web design company in Africa by the name Webspace Africa, now known as 7 Afripixels in the United States. The company was new start up, and it was a subsidiary of a bigger Internet Service Provider (ISP) by the name Telco. My boss was a champion, and she would teach me principles that would steer me through my career in this fast paced, ever changing digital field.

The IT industry never stands still and most of us knew that’s what we were subscribing for when we signed up. After seeing the landscape change, from flash being the king of the hill, to the iPad coming along and knocking it off it’s high horse, it really does feel like 18 years in another field (at least for me). After sitting through many client consultations, coding sessions plugged into some music and enough review processes to last me a life time, I feel like I can give some web spills in my sleep. One starts wanting to leave more than just a corporate website for a client that will be redesigned in another 2-3 years to keep up with even more changes in the digital world.

One must stop looking at them as websites, rather as online solutions.

This was when I decided to tackle a solution I had discussed with one of my web confidants, a certified geek by the name of Andrew Gibson. After one day discussing and sharing my review website with him, and the latest gadget I had just shot a YouTube video review for (a digital industry that has also taken off in the last 5 years or so), the conversation turned to a question. “What if there was a website that you could see what products were coming up with regards to release dates?”

We debated on the question, what the solution would look like and how it would have to navigate very differently from a traditional website to lend itself visually to the user. We both looked at our work load, and just shelved it to carry on with our day to day accountables. This is usually the case with many ideas that cross my mind and end up having a domain that is registered and parked for later use. In fact, the review website is one such website that finally got to see the light of day.

A few months later, everything seemed to align perfectly for me to tackle the challenge and I walked over to Andrew and said to him “I think I will take your challenge.” It is very much a practise of mine to consider some projects a challenge to spur me on to see the projects completion. After bringing him on the same page as to what I was on about, it was off to the lab after work hours putting things together, testing and retesting until it was ready to go live.

No one can explain the feeling of pushing a solution live that you know a few people, at least, will find useful. In fact you finish coding it, you visit it a couple of times and look at it. You use it again, this time trying to imagine you are seeing it for the first time. Then when you are content with the few things that can be improved upon later, which is almost always, you can’t wait to tell the world and see them enjoy it.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead an experience this web utopia that is Just Made Better Release Date we have prepared for you. We can’t wait to pull out more projects of the shelf to build for you all.


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